Workforce Behavioral Intervention (WBI) Platform

The Workforce Behavioral Intervention Platform, powered by PM AM HCM, is an early intervention system designed to highlight behavioral red flags that may negatively impact performance, conduct, attendance, and safety in an organization, as well as increase organizational risk and, ultimately, decrease liability.

The workforce behavioral intervention platform allows organizations to take proactive steps to reduce risk by focusing on micro-motives to micro-behavior and mitigating macro-behavior. This system will facilitate optimal employee performance, and ultimately create a healthier workforce, wellness, psychological safety and leadership engagement as well as clear the pathway for your organization to serve your clients and community more effectively.

Specifically, the platform supplies the tools to:

  • Increase performance and promote a safer work environment
  • Proactively identify risk and provide risk management solutions which go beyond the superficial
  • Protect your organization from litigation
  • Engage the workforce, creating and strengthening a culture of trust
  • Demonstrate (to stakeholders) that you value your greatest investment—your people
  • Help your workforce become the best version of themselves
  • Create significant return through minimal investment
  • Promote and create a culture of safety and accountability for each member of your team

In addition, this platform will enhance team member retention and allow you to conduct vital analytics to identify workplace trends, as well as develop insights to incrementally and steadily improve all areas of the organization.


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