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We highly recommend viewing PM AM HCM firsthand to fully understand the value and benefits to your organization. Scheduling a demo is simple and can be done here You can also contact us at 855 870 5591.

We customize each demonstration to your needs and answer your questions to ensure fit and value.

PM AM HCM is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provided through the Cloud. The benefits of this model are immense as all content hosting is done by PM AM and requires no additional cost.

Additionally, PM AM invests heavily on platform improvements and these updates are available immediately (at no additional cost), since it is a cloud-based solution

Budgets are tight and PM AM HCM’s solution is to provide a low annual cost to your organization, rather than require a large investment at initial purchase. This model works well for all parties and saves money for your organization, in the short and long term.

Each organization is unique as are their needs. PM AM HCM prices depend on your organization needs and is a custom price. Our costs are competitive and our team works to ensure budget and cost are not constraints to purchase.

This philosophy is adopted PM AM-wide and we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional product that doesn’t break the bank.

PM AM HCM includes initial training and ongoing support as part of our cost.

Gone are the days of having a pre-determined number of training and support hours available. Our team is on-hand to provide a service that ensures organization success on Day 1 and every day thereafter.

Furthermore, by including Training and Support in our price, there are no cost surprises to your organization. What we quote you is the full total of what you will be expected to pay for our services.

PM AM HCM has saved millions of dollars for organizations over the years. The platform achieves this through an unique sign-off mechanism.

PM AM HCM uses a thorough signature mechanism that ensures that the employee signing off agrees to comply with Policies and Training.

If there were ever a lawsuit against the organization, you can, within seconds, pull up signature records that show the employee acted within or without the confines of Policy and Training assigned.

This, in conjunction with PM AM HCM’s full historical record of activities performed on the platform, combine to combat against lawsuits.

The industries listed on our website are a subset of industries PM AM HCM can support. The platform should be viewed through the lens of function, value and benefit. If your organization manages Policies/ Documents, Compliance, Training, Performance Appraisal, to mention a few, it will absolutely provide value for your organization, irrespective of industry. Learn more by scheduling a demo here or by contacting our team at

Many things make PM AM HCM unique and the best way is to see first-hand through a demonstration of our platform.

PM AM HCM combines functions of a traditional Learning (LMS), Accreditation (AMS), Training (TMS), Form & Feedback, and Performance Appraisal systems in one. The centralization of all these systems into one create efficiencies for your organization and provide a holistic picture of your organization in one place.

In addition, PM AM HCM’s ease of use (built for all generations of technology nativeness) ensure swift adoption and value creation, on Day 1.

We’ve incorporated many intelligent features that save time for your resources, while increasing accountability and transparency. Furthermore, our Reports function provides ready made reports, as well as custom reports.

With all the above functional area centralized and a robust reporting function, PM AM HCM allows your organization to proactively identify trends and conduct analysis to improve the organization.

We hear this often. Across a multitude of industries and differing levels of change-aversion, PM AM HCM is routinely adopted quickly.

The reason? PM AM HCM simplifies actions your employees are already performing. The platform provides reminders and other smart features to help your workforce act upon required assignments (policy + training). The compliance section is built in the same way.

Thus, while initial resistance might exist, an understanding of what PM AM HCM is trying to accomplish in your organization lends itself to seamless adoption and use, across all levels.

PM AM also provides rollout collateral to ensure seamless adoption.

The PM AM team has successfully transferred content from an array of platforms to PM AM HCM. This allows your organization to start, on Day 1, from the content and records of your old platform.

Each platform is unique and we encourage you to ask about transfer options.


The benefit of utilizing a cloud-based service like PM AM HCM is that updates are automatically available, without any software update or installation.

Furthermore, PM AM never charges for enhancements and new functionality. This is fundamentally against our philosophy of doing business. A purchase of PM AM HCM today means your organization realizes all the benefits of the platform in the future as well.

This is our commitment to you.


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