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Student risk from shootings, other violent crimes, and bullying/depression has risen to an all-time high, and higher education institutions/schools are doing all they can, with limited resources and budgets.

Often, no mechanisms exist to gather data around student incidents in a consolidated manner to then act, proactively. PM AM understands these challenges and has developed an integrated threat assessment solution that allows the school to manage the entire lifecycle of a risk or potential risk:

Risk Identification

Document all incidents (minor, major) that occur (e.g. student outbursts during class, uncharacteristic absences, bullying)
Centralize incidents to gather a fuller picture – ability to proactively identify risks

Threat Assessment

Automate Automate threat assessment online (in lieu of or in addition to in-person meetings)
All questions of existing threat assessment incorporated OR PM AM provides Secret Service best practices in a consolidated threat assessment
Multiple stakeholders (e.g. faculty, counselors, Security/SROs, principals, heads of schools/ISDs, parents, students) collaborate to develop holistic picture of risk – mobile phone app available
Push notifications to remind and ensure timely completion

Intervention Plan

Review all entries and determine appropriate next steps
Develop plan going forward, with stakeholders assigned to particular tasks (e.g. counselor to meet student weekly, teachers to monitor attendance), with push notifications


Actively monitor intervention plan is being followed and adjust plan based on progress made
Develop full picture of post-assessment risk - Mechanism to notate on intervention plan tasks to continue documentation


Self-service report available to identify problem areas and patterns around threats – schools can then triage and create initiatives/programs to mitigate areas of concern
Reports available to comply with state reporting regulations


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