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For Organizations Requiring Compliance or Accreditation Management

PM AM HCM is perfectly suited for organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. The platform is proven to mitigate risk while alleviating resource spend on these activities. Dollars saved, brand equity preserved, and peace of mind across a variety of internal functions combine to make PM AM HCM uniquely suited for organizations at every level of maturity and size.

From a compliance, policy, training, and internal HR perspective, PM AM HCM is created to enhance your existing programs and processes, while saving costs and resource time on these activities.

Adhering to the required compliances across your organization is top of mind for executives and not having a system in place to manage your Governance and Risk Control program is an invitation to exposure for your brand, not to mention fines and other costs. PM AM HCM’s iron-clad compliance section ensures your ability to stay ahead of compliance, proactively identify and address gaps, and provide your auditors/ assessors a simplified mechanism to conduct their audit. Remediation notes and efforts are centralized so the work done this year directly translates to time and cost savings for the next.

All organizations require a foolproof mechanism of creating, managing, disseminating, and reporting on Policies and PM AM’s solution to protect organizations against the ever-growing litany of litigation. Not using a platform like PM AM HCM increases organizational risk in the millions.

Training creation, management, assessment and reporting are part and parcel of the platform, so your organization can improve your work force while adhering to organization and state/federally mandated training requirements.

Additional sections around feedback and forms, performance review, and internal messaging combine to provide an all-encompassing solution that helps Management, HR, Compliance, and other functions. This centralization of activities, using existing processes creates efficiencies on Day 1 that would otherwise take months or years to realize. accreditation management, workforce optimization


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