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For Audit/ Accreditation Body

Accrediting bodies, across any industry, often have pain points around:

  • Member Management (e.g. assessment scheduling and preparation, pre-assessment, on-site audits/ assessments, board review,
  • A Simplified, Standardized and Transparent Audit system that covers members and assessors/ auditors
  • New Member Growth

Undoubtedly, a centralized online platform (which is accessible anywhere, anytime) with controls to ensure audit success for members, and a repeatable, standardized way for assessors/ auditors to conduct the assessment/ audit goes a long way.

PM AM HCM provides a member-specific portal for members to effectively prepare for audits/ assessments. The platform helps member organizations proactively identify gaps and ensure completeness.

Separately, the platform has an audit/ assessment team-specific portal to manage the workflow of the audit/ assessments, maintaining historical record of all activities.

PM AM HCM has a time-proven, tested audit and compliance module that ensures the integrity of the audit/ assessment is maintained. It gives members, your management team, and the auditors/ assessors a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that ensures adherence to every requirement/standard for your compliance. Changes to regulations and requirements/ standards are effectively accommodated for both accrediting body and member.

Smart features ensure timely completion, online review, on-site evaluation, and a workflow to pass the rigor of your organization’s existing process.

Taken together, PM AM HCM is uniquely designed to bolster your organization’s mission. It addresses all aspects of the audit/ assessment lifecycle and has been used successfully by many accreditation bodies to achieve success, more effectively utilizing the same resources.


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