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Audit Organizations

Utilizing resources to maximum efficiency while optimizing results for Clients is top of mind for Audit Firms. Whether serving hundreds or thousands of Clients, an all-purpose platform that simplifies the Audit process for Clients while ensuring completeness provides a powerful value-add to Clients.

Internally, providing staff a reliable and easy to use platform to conduct audit increases output and efficiencies.

PM AM HCM is an iron-clad web-based platform that:

  • Allows Clients to prepare for their Audit and ensure completeness against each standard
  • Clients submit audit to auditors in way that guarantees integrity of Audit process
  • Auditors manage audit as a team, with full transparency and total oversight by management
  • Live Q&A for questions/clarifications between Auditor and Client
  • All Audits saved for historical reference

By using PM AM HCM, Clients more likely to have successful outcomes and minimized repairs/exceptions.

Using PM AM HCM tethers Clients to your organization and increases likelihood for them to continue to utilize your services for future Audits.audit management


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