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Organizations with Compliance Requirements

Governance, Risk and Compliance programs at every organization require a methodical, historically referenceable mechanism to manage their annual Audits - from preparation, pre-assessment, to the actual on-site Audit.

Reduce compliance risk so your Organization:

  • Increases likelihood for successful outcomes (no repairs/ exceptions, unqualified reports)
  • Minimizes undue resource deployment on compliance preparation
  • Avoids bad PR and bolsters brand equity
  • Increases efficiencies using existing processes
  • Significantly reduces work for compliance preparation

PM AM HCM’s creates an all-in-one platform to:

  • Ensure proper documentation and proofs of compliance across every requirement/ standard
  • Provide Audit Firms an easily accessible, streamlined mechanism to administer Audits
  • Leverage Audit findings, at granular requirement/ standard level, from the current year to the next Audit – significantly decrease time to prepare Audit in subsequent years
  • Ensure completeness of audit preparation
  • Give HR and GRC program centralized platform to manage policies, training and sign-off records

PM AM HCM leverages technology to take your organization's existing Audit processes and combines it with a cloud-based (accessible even on mobile app) platform to go beyond the "check the box" exercise of audits and improve organizational performance to increase the bottom line and minimize risk.


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