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Knowledge Integration

Establish a competitive advantage for your organization by leveraging the knowledge power within your employees. Create a significant positive business impact by expediting knowledge creation, sharing and assimilation into daily routines and your company’s culture.

Policy Management

Increase transparency by creating a visual chart of standard policies and documents. Automate policy management, compliance and governance. Routinely distribute policies to specific employee sets through automated workflow—allowing employees to read and record their acknowledged acceptance of the policies within the system.

Performance Appraisals

Define employee performance management processes to acquire important information for dealing with workforce related issues, increase organizational effectiveness and achieve the set goals and targets.


What is PMAM HCM

PMAM HCM is a Software as a service (SaaS) for all your Human Capital Management needs. It offers enhanced capabilities for knowledge integration, policy management and performance appraisals to help HR managers create tangible value for the human capital in the organization

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