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Knowledge Integration

PMAM HCM Training Module helps you maintain competitive advantage of the company by letting you create and manage targeted trainings which:

  • Address the identified skill gaps
  • Support the training requirements of the employees
  • Align with organization goals and
  • Ensure that right skills are in the right place at the right time.

Know more on how PMAM HCM enables flawless management of training programs with detailed assessments and analysis and how it helps you deliver rock solid ROI on your training initiative.

Publish Trainings
Deploy and publish audio-visual training programs which align with the strategic goals of your organization. Quickly and effortlessly create and publish training calendar along with details like training duration along with grace period, certification requirements and reference materials.

With PMAM HCM, you can:

  • Streamline creation and management of online as well as instructor-led training programs
  • Manage consolidated training reference materials in the form of documents, files, videos, images or even website URLs for easy reference, access and reuse
  • Assign training to employees as needed through identified skill gaps
  • Access, manage and maintain your training initiative from a single, secured and free web-based system
  • Automatically send training notifications, updates and reminders about upcoming or overdue trainings thereby improving completion rates

Plan Trainings based on Employee Needs

The success of training initiatives depends on the adaption and participation by the employees. PMAM HCM helps align employees with your company’s vision and mission. Getting employee buy-in helps to increase accountability in your career development programs. Your team’s learning career path is a true investment by your company. You’re investing in your team, and they are improving their skill-sets to advance further in their career. For maximum buy-in, we suggest your company:

  • Make employees part of your training initiatives by allowing them to suggest training programs as per their perceived needs
  • Identify and know the training requirements at various levels such as employee, job title, department or location
  • Plan training calendars based on the employee needs and organization goals

Test and Certifications: Build Effective Exams

For certain types of trainings on specific topics, Training Managers want to know the existing level of skill competency of the employees. Pre-certification can help in such types of trainings. Understanding the prior knowledge also helps trainers in formulating the training course to engage employees in building new knowledge. At the same time, post training assessments help in knowing the effectiveness of the training programs.

  • Setup pre-assessments quickly and easily
  • Conduct post training assessments to understand how much the employees have grasped through the training
  • Create timed assessments with options to include audio visual elements in the questions
  • Randomize questions (if required) and increase the complexity of the assessments
Mobile Learning

With employees spending hours on commuting and travel, it is important that trainings are offered in a way that employees can take advantage of their mobile devices. PMAM HCM Solution allows you to adopt the latest technology to address the training and learning needs of the employees.

  • Allow employees to watch the trainings administered at different geo locations so that they don’t miss on those just because of geo location constraints
  • Allow employees to take the assessments on mobile devices offering them great flexibility and enabling them to make best use of their mobile time

Training Feedback

Training Feedback collected in a timely manner provides valuable information to Training Managers to decide the effectiveness of the training and gives them insight into the scope for improvement, if needed. PMAM HCM helps Training Managers collect training and trainer feedback and analyze the results. Qualitative feedback helps in making necessary corrections to improve the quality of the trainings.

  • Measure quality and effectiveness of training programs by offering customized online feedback forms for each training
  • Get instant feedback reports
  • Continuously modify and enhance the training programs based on analysis

Compliance Reporting

PMAM HCM helps you streamline and regulate many day-to-day processes and makes it easy to create compliance with government regulations. For standards such as ISO, OHSAS, you need to comply with mandatory process and training requirements. PMAM HCM makes it easy for you to:

  • Meet or exceed your training management requirements and avoid compliance related fines and penalties
  • Safeguard that your organization is in line with the latest regulatory requirements by automating your compliance management processes

Dashboard and Reporting

With the help of customized dashboards and a full-fledged reporting module, your company can offer complete transparency anytime to the stakeholders about the employees, their skills, ROI on trainings and skill gap analysis.

  • Get a comprehensive snapshot and overview of the training activity.
  • Anytime access variety of reports online. These include: Pending Trainings, Overall Training Statistics, Training Certifications, Skill Gap Analysis, Organization Goals Vs. Training Report and many more.
  • Access custom reports such as Training Time for a specific period, Skill inventory analysis, Employee Assessment and more.
  • Access complete employee data and easily conduct skill gap analysis by reviewing existing skills and required skills.
  • Allow Training Managers to report their hours spent across variety of training programs. This helps in conducting overall analysis on various areas across which trainings have been conducted, total hours spent on actual training workshops and sources contributing to the trainings.

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