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PMAM HCM is a fully supported and secure SaaS application. All standard support services are provided to users at no charge.

Transition Support:
Many companies are currently using another HCM tool and are paying dearly for it. One issue preventing their transition to a more cost effective solution is the perceived cost and difficulty to migrate their existing data archive.

The PMAM HCM tech support team is available to assist with this. From customer support centers in the US and India, we provide 24-hour service to a global user base and will help your IT staff quickly transition to the PMAM HCM solution; including support of all data migration tasks.

Application Support:
In addition to technical support for data migration, the PMAM Customer Service team can consult with your staff on application integration requirements, in most cases, at no charge to our users.

User Support:
We have a great HCM solution and the support to ensure it delivers value in your IT environment, but none of that matters if your team cannot use it.

We designed PMAM HCM to be very intuitive and easy to use. However, we also provide extensive online education and demonstrations of every feature of the PMAM HCM application which are instantly available as users work within the system. Plus, our Customer Service team responds to user inquiries around the clock.

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