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PM AM Accreditation Software

At its best, accreditation serves to mark a Program’s commitment to conform with best practices. At its worst, the process becomes cumbersome & burdensome.

PM AM’s 100% cloud-based solution, used by 400+ organizations across the US, is a time tested & proven accreditation management software.

We have a dynamic, highly configurable solution that accommodates all aspects of the accreditation process & is effortless to use. Development of phone apps & other technologies boost this function.

Accrediting Organization’s Benefits

Cloud Eliminates Need for
Physical Files & Checklists
Historical Audit Data
Available at Any Time
System Manages Self-Study, Pre-, Onsite, & Post-Assessment Activities
Build & Disseminate Help Files & Best Practices to Institutions/ Programs Multiple Assessors Work
Concurrently on Assessment
Monitor Assessor Key Result Areas & Maintain Objectivity in Assessments

Institution/Program Benefits

Multiple Dashboards Inform Program Assessment is On-Track Automated Mechanisms Assist
in Assessment Preparation
Automatic Electronic Notifications Between Accrediting Body &
Program Sent in Real-Time
  Load, Manage, & Track
All Proofs of Compliance
(e.g. Mission Docs, Surveys)
Document Version Control Assists
in Tracking Changes to Documents,
For All Parties

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