Insurance Companies

Use PMAM HCM to create and administer focused training programs for insurance agents (trainees/ brokers) for different segments of insurance. Maintain consistency in messaging and knowledge. Easily update all agencies with new product information and drastically lower learning curve. Reduce risk and increase service levels - while reducing total cost of ownership.

Conduct induction programs through PMAM HCM and make certain that all established guidelines and regulations are adhered to. Carry out close and continual monitoring to confrim that new candidates are properly inducted. Effectively manage the overall organization by ensuring that all departments have the right talent and skill mix. Anticipate and resolve skill gaps due to employee overturn and retirement. Strategically acquire and retain individuals with critical skills to enable smooth execution of diverse responsibilities.
Call Centres and BPOs

Quickly ramp up the knowledge of new employees by offering them various common, mandatory training courses like Voice and Accent training, soft-skills training and customer-service training before they actually start servicing clients. Quickly identify the highest and lowest performers. Understand the motivation factors for high-performing agents to retain better agents and lower attrition cost.
IT Companies

Use PMAM HCM to effectively address the training needs of your high-performing work environment. Schedule and automate regular training for developers to keep their certifications up-to-date and to train them in new technologies. Develop succession plans for executive teams as well as key people in critical roles. Define clear career development paths for all roles within an organization.
City Fire and Rescue Operations

Manage mission-critical training programs and certifications for all the members, at regular or periodical intervals. Ensure that the members have acquired competency by assigning compulsory certification, which the members must complete once a training program ends.